Talk2Me FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions we are here to help! Simply click here to email us and we’ll get back to you.

It’s an unlikely situation and hasn’t been reported to us. But to overcome the possibility of somebody unwanted doing this you can enable GPS validation within the app. This means it will only work when it’s scanned by somebody close to your front door.

With GPS enabled, the visitor will need to accept giving their location (appearing as a pop-up request on their phone). It’s a minor extra task – but we recommend having GPS validation turned-off unless you really need it.

In addition, after calling from a Talk2Me the visitors browser automatically moves away from the calling page, with no BACK option. This also helps prevent unnecessary calls.

No. A ‘key’ is required to receive notifications. A Talk2Me includes lifetime notification keys for 2 phones. If extra people want to receive notifications too, keys are available in our shop.

With permanent adhesive pads. No drilling or screwing is required. The pads stick very securely to flat surfaces so could remove paint or similar when removed.

With the correct choice of adhesive or fixing agent, yes. The adhesive pads supplied are suitable for flat, relatively smooth surfaces, like doors, door surrounds or glass. Silicon works well on brickwork.

Talk2Me works for different household types. In a single person / family property, it calls everybody registered to it. Or if it is for a shared entrance property (example: a block of flats) or shared accommodation (example: student accommodation) it allows visitors to select the property or person to call. It will call everybody registered in the selected property.

All around the world. You’ll see the shipping options and costs when ordering.

In short, the vast majority of users can, yes (those using Android 7 and iOS15 or higher). However, the few that can’t are notified and can still notify you they are at the door and text/chat.

With no reception, it will not work. With weak reception, notifications that you are on your way and chat should work OK. A better signal is required for 2-way voice chat, but less so than would be the case for a video doorbell. In most instances it works just fine, and we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

The app set up takes just a few minutes to download, create an account and set up for your Talk2Me. The tile itself sticks straight to your door, therefore it’s a 2 minute job allowing for you getting it nice and straight!

No. They just point their phone camera or scanning app at the QR code. We’ve all got used to this over the last few years.

Use our contact form and tell us:

  1. That you need a replacement
  2. The customer number from your original order.

We will reply with a special discount code to purchase a replacement for £10. This new Talk2Me will replace the other (automatically) and we will, moreover, disable your old Talk2Me. Typically ships next day.