Black Talk2Me by Dinggly

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  • Talk to visitors at your door
  • Keeps your phone number private
  • No batteries or Wi-fi setup. Just stick me to your door!
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Talk2Me brings internet technology to any door, the easy way. It’s a brilliant accompaniment to a traditional doorbell, knocker … or just a naked door!

Just set up your free app, place the Talk2Me tile on your door and you’re done. Visitors simply scan it with their phone.

  • No app needed by visitors
  • Talk to visitors wherever you have phone reception
  • No phone numbers revealed
  • Online chat feature so visitors can leave a message or two-way chat
  • ‘On my way’ feature tells visitors you’re coming to the door
  • Notifications can go to many people. See when somebody else responds.

Talk2Me requires a cellular signal at its location to operate properly. Because it uses audio rather than video, it works very efficiently and is less prone to the ‘lag’ sometimes experienced with video doorbells.

Talk2Me works for different household types. In a single person / family property, it calls everybody registered to it. Or if it is for a shared entrance property (example: a block of flats) or shared accommodation (example: student accommodation) it allows visitors to select the property or person to call. It will call everybody registered in the selected property.

Talk2Me works for different types of household

A “Key” is required to receive Talk2Me notifications. Each Talk2Me includes lifetime notification keys for two phones. Additional notification keys are available to purchase separately here.

Should you wish, Talk2Me has a GPS validation feature which means it can only be scanned by somebody close to your door. This prevents the unlikely event that somebody chooses to scan and then activate your doorbell away from your door.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 54 × 5 × 68 mm


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